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Salukis live with the desert tribes of Egypt. They hunt desert hares and gazelles. They are excellent long-distance runners, and are intuitive and intelligent. They were companions to generations of kings and regarded as princes. Their relationship with mankind is estimated to go back 3700-4000 years before Jesus Christ. This species is honoured with Egyptian nobility and is known to have been mummified like the Pharaohs.

A Middle-East Tradition

Salukis were not sold; they were offered as gifts of honour.


With their elegant silhouette and graceful movement, these dogs draw attention everywhere they go. Their temperament is very calm and devoted. They get along beautifully with children. They rarely bark, except when necessary. They are easy to train and do not tolerate brutality. They are suitable for apartment life, but need to expend their energy on occasion.


Height: 23 – 28 in. (58 to 71 cm)

Weight: 40 – 65 lbs.

Longevity: 13 – 16 years

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